From the moment you enter into The SupaEarth, you feel something special. Designed and built to inspire & create, this unique space exuberates style, vibe & charisma. It boldly states futuristic, whilst flirtaciously revealing a touch of luxury 80’s retro. Its beautiful white surfaces & silver lines seductively reflect the colours of the ambient LED lighting, whilst the optics of the studio bar glisten  majestically through the spaceship-esque porthole window against the backdrop of it’s industrial chic silver & deep purple  walls.

‘It sounds as good as it looks..’

Based around the demands & needs of the modern music & audio professional, this studio is extensively equipped with some of the best high end music & pro audio gear (both hardware & virtual) to enable you to record, produce & mix your records to the highest level. Perfect also, for many other uses in media and audio production, the beautifully balanced acoustics, top class A/D converters and industry proven monitoring system combine to provide a superior listening experience. With expert & experienced staff, a plethora of superb local amenities within a short walk, blisteringly fast WiFi and a modernistic approach geared towards helping you and your workflow, at The SupaEarth be sure you can feel good, be on your A-Game & focus..

Concept & Design:

The concept and design for SupaEarth Studios was the brainchild of renowned record producer and SupaEarth CEO Chris ‘Ruff Diamond’ Robinson. Being based over the years in Manchester, London & Los Angeles having worked in numerous studios of all different designs & specs and producing for some of the biggest R&B and Pop artists in the music industry, Chris had always wanted to build an inspiring & creative studio space in his hometown area of Knutsford, in Cheshire, UK. Situated within a characteristic 1850’s former Station Master’s house, Chris envisaged what the space could be transformed into, and used his experience in the music industry to put things together in great detail, from the build and aesthetics, right through to the acoustics and selection of equipment and technology that is totally aimed at satisfying the producers, artists, songwriters and musicians of today.