Whether you are an Artist, Label, Publisher, Band, DJ, Producer, Musician, Voiceover Artist, Songwriter, Composer, Production Company, Management Company, Ad Agency, Individual or Corporate Organisation – SupaEarth is the perfect studio for a variety of uses..

Post Production
Scoring & Arranging
Studio Experience Days /Private Parties/Popstar Experience
Live/Unplugged streaming
Sound Design
Meet & Greet promo’s/Regional Radio interviews/livestreams
Private listening events
Pro Audio product demos/launches
Press Events
Photo Shoots

Main Studio | Isolation Booth | Bar

Each room has been meticulously designed and treated to make the space as inspiring and productive a workspace as possible. XLR Tie lines & CAT6 points interconnect all rooms, with headphone outputs/mic/line/aux and USB charging ports installed in each room for flexibility and convenience.

The lighting throughout the space can be set to suit your mood and vibe, offering total dimming and different colour combinations via remote control. 12 Volt powered LED lighting arguably creates a nicer light, and also eradicates the RF interference that 240V dimmer switches can cause to your guitar pickups and other electronics, leaving you undistracted and in the zone to maximise your workflow.

To allow different options in case you require two rooms for programming/songwriting/mixing etc. we can also very quickly set up stands in the Isolation booth to put your laptop, controller keyboard and nearfield monitors on and hook you up. You are also welcome to use the bar area to plonk your laptop or keyboard on and work away – while you’re at the SupaEarth, the space is your creative zone, for your enjoyment and productivity.